mandag 2. november 2015

Exodus North - information about the organisation - and B&B
Exodus Norths work:
- Helping Jews in immigration phase of Israel.
- Helping Jews during the establishment phase in Israel.
- Has built 9 houses in Ashalim, Negev, and helped with the construction of another 10 houses.
- Helping needy Jews in Israel.
- Informs about Jewish culture, destinations in Israel and the situation in the Middle East.
- Cooperating with Negev community and disposes of one of the houses in Ashalim.

Homepage (use google to translate if necessary):

220 shekel one night
200 shekel more than one night

To book call:
00972 5423 08 681 (from abroad) or 05423 08 681 (from Israel)

Grethe Tangen Olsen, the leader of the organisation

At the Egypt-border, Nizzane
The house is constructed  in an old way

outside the beautiful "White house in Ashalim"

with a small pool

the new olive-garden

view from the ceiling 


Back to Norway is the autumn and the nature explode in different colors, two total different worlds. Have a look: