lørdag 12. desember 2015

Hag Sameah for the HANNUKAH!!

We always send greetings to friends and family when approaching Christmas and I thought I'd write a little about our customs and thoughts of celebration of Advent and Christmas.
Outside a friends house in Norway 2014
outside my friends house Christmas 2015

The Jews celebrate Hannukah and we celebrate Advent, both are light-parties. We enjoy the memories of Hannukah- celebration in kibbutz Nahal- Oz a year ago. I remember I was very afraid that the whole building would start to burn when all the lights stood and burned in the nursery. But it went well and we got some great memories.

I always notice that we have so many common religious celebrations and I think many Christian holidays are rooted in Judaism. After we got home, I learned that it is a Christian symbolism in igniting Hanukkah lights too and that I think is nice: The light that we use to light the other with is a symbol of the Messiah that ignites us people so that we can shine for Him and for our fellow man.

Advent means waiting or coming and we are preparing to celebrate that the Messiah came to earth, but more importantly; we are waiting for the Messiah to come fore the second time. Symbolically we are preparing by cleaning the whole house, in all nooks and crannies, for we are waiting for "the king of kings"!Moreover, we make a lot of good food. tradition says that we must have at least 7 different cookies in tins until Christmas rings out, and we give each other gifts as a symbol of the great gift we have received from God.