søndag 28. februar 2016

Working at Eden
Today we got our assignment from Yuval: Paint the fence around the hotel, a pleasant job to do. The sun shines and people in the street are so friendly and we got lots of break speaking with people passing through. Suddenly the famous artist came. I am so proud; He recognized us!! We met at Eden some years ago. I am a really fan of his arts.


The famous artist Yohanan Lakicevic
He who makes the beautiful posters for Eden Hotel

lørdag 27. februar 2016

Jerusalem and Betlehem
Here we are again in Israel! We came from cold Norway yesterday afternoon to summer and sunshine in Israel, though they say it is still winter, but for us it is a wonderful good temperature. We love being here and are longing for meeting friends again. Our goal this time is to volunteer two weeks at Eden Jerusalem hotel to help Line and her staff. 

 Some winter-photos of our grandchildren:
-with ice on the water

and some days with snow

just enough snow to make a snow-cottage

We went up early this morning to do some work before we took a bus to Betlehem to visit friends through many years.

We go to Betlehem as often as we can to visit the lovely people in the Rock-company

the wall is just outside the shop
I want to tell you when we first met, I think it might have been in 2009? We wanted to buy a nativity scene in Jerusalem, but the woman in the shop asked us; "Why don't you go to Bethlehem to buy a nativity scene? They make those scenes in Bethlehem." 
So we decided to take a bus to get there – but we did not know it was the last bus to Betlehem this day, and there were no busses back. We went through the check-point, a frightening experience the first time. When we got inside, it became darker and darker and it looked like a ghost-city for me. I asked Alv: “What did we promise our children? – Not to do any dangerous? “But suddenly, in some few 
from our first entrence...
 meters we looked into a shop, and it was still open. You can imagine me running into it in a hurry. At once we came in I relaxed and said to Alv; “I am sure the people here are Christians, I can feel it!” And I was right! So here begins our good friendship. It is a big family-company, and we feel we have become a part of that family through the years.
Tony, the owner drove us to
the nativity-church (from our first trip)

You find lots of marvelous olive wood crafts in the shop, and also beautiful jewelries
After a visit in the shop we went to the old city of Bethlehem. We love walking around, the smells, the sounds and what you see is so different from Norway.

at the market we found smoked mackerels - might be from Norway? But we have never seen crabs like that

We went into a road behind the nativity church. We could study the craftsman's work with olive wood. Amazing!

I have been looking for "The milk grotto" in many years - and suddenly it was there...:

Back to the market at the old city again - you can find all you need:

We had to say hello to our friend in the Syrian church:
-and a wedding at the nativity church:
Finally we met Martin - our good, good boy, we disturb him on a busy day. We wanted to work at his apartment-project, but it was painted the day before and needed to be dry. We were invited home and saw the beautiful apartment that soon will be completed. He builds the floor above her parents. We were really impressed how great he and Celina will get it. They are scheduled to marry in August this year and we have been invited to the wedding. I almost can not wait..
The house is at the highest point in Bethlehem and with the most spectacular view I have ever seen!!

Martin and his parents. The mother is working at "The Rock Company", but his father we met for the first time.
Martin Handal is a Norwegian name, and that is so funny. He tells us that the Handal-family is one of the biggest families in Bethlehem and that the family-story tells that they came from the Norwegian vikings or crusaders. -So we might be related??
Martin’s father likes to collect different things and arrange it artfully around

What a view from the apartment!!!

the university 

the check point

not far from Herodion

a proud grandmother with little Tony, coming to sleep-over. Tony at the shop is his grandfather as well

today's catch!! :)