onsdag 30. september 2015

Ashalim, Sde Boker, Dead Sea, Mitzpe Ramon

The Sukkot is here! 
Alv left the "white house" today to go the Jerusalem - march tomorrow. In this way he wants to show his support for Israel. I have been back at the house to wash and groom for our guests. There is much to be done. We are right in the desert - and the house must shine both inside and outside! It's good to have something to do because it is too hot to be outside. Those who live here say it was near 50 degrees in summer, so now it's customizable (it was 33 degrees when we were out driving yesterday.)

Our guests ordered dinner and we promised them an unforgettable
 experience. But I do not know if it was we or those who received the unforgettable experience. We wanted to support the shop in the kibbutz and went there to shop. It then turned out that they had neither meat nor vegetables. We drove thus to the nearest kibbutz, but it was closed because of the Jewish holiday. Then we started to get really stressed because we had nothing to make the good dinner of. We were very afraid that all the shops were closed so we drove faster than we really should to the nearest town (Beer-Sheva). Fortunately we found a large supermarket there. We thought we would find everything we needed, but when I asked for eggs, there was no one who understood me. I clucked and crowed, waved my “wings” and signed eggs with my fingers without any help.

But the dinner was, albeit slightly delayed  

Look, Alv fixed a new table
... ..

What is this?

I had longed for Grethe's wonderful grand piano a long time
forgive me??!
cleaning outside and inside every day...
smart plantings along the wall outside the marked
creativity is great at the kibbutz nearby
satisfied guests??? - they said so.......:)

Alv arranges music for work

The best way to get to know the kitchen.....
-is to clean it
Alv went the march in Jerusalem to support the Israeli people

We got an invitation to kibbutz Sde Boker

Wonderful people and wonderful cakes
Than two days with me as driver and guide....;)

By the Dead Sea

Mitzpe Ramon, the biggest crater in the world?

with the famous "stone. hotel"

"girls" on shopping

mandag 28. september 2015

Mission Ashalim and Exodus North!!
( http://exodusnord.org/english/ )

We took a bus from Jerusalem to Beer-Sheva and wanted to take a bus to Ashalim. At the bus-station there is no information and everything is written in Hebrew. We asked different bus-drivers and also people – and got different answers every time. After a long while, it dawned on us that there was no bus at all – because of the Jewish holyday.

We phoned “The white house” in Ashalim and the woman who answered said that she was just a guest – the two women who volunteered had left the house (also because of the busses). At the beginning I was shocked, because we did not know what to do, hosting the house, but after a while we had to laugh. It was too crazy. We love challenges, so here we are!!

We invited Christianne (from Jamaica) who also lost her bus to our taxi
- and took care of her as good as we could with norwegian meatballs from the fridge in "The white house"
on "duty" early this morning
The "blue book" is my life!!!!

Alv is preparing my rest in the sun
One hour was enough in the desert-sun today!

The "Blue book" shows how diligently our leader, Grethe is

lørdag 26. september 2015


Today we have visited good friends in Bethlehem.
We had to shed a few tears when we left our good friend today. Several Christian people we talked to during the day have spoken about their fears for the future. The conflicts in Syria and also that the Muslims are more and more aggressive scares. Many people want to escape, but do not excatly know where and how. I do not think we can put us into the huge pressure they live in. We feel powerless and would ask you to pray for the Christians in Bethlehem. They really need your prayers.

It moves us speaking with the man in the Syrian church

The new testament in the language of Jesus

our good boy invited us for his wedding!! Can you beleive!!
We recommend Eli's restaurant, the best food for you to enjoy!
Next time we will meet in you and your beautiful Celina's wedding!!!

Our good friends through many, many years now!! God bless you, and your lovely family!!
from the old city of Betlehem
We are waiting for the Messiah to come for the second time. I believe it will soon happen. Here you can see the church where his birth took plase
We got friends from China and “guided” them to the church of Nativity. 

fredag 25. september 2015

Oppdrag Israel! (Haust 2015)

So here I am again - In my second home - Israel and Eden Hotel Jerusalem. How privileged I am! We came from autumn in Norway for the summer in Israel! - Tired as usual without any sleep on the plane, but with enough energy for a walk in The old city.
Meeting my family at Eden Hotel was of course the best of the day. I am always longing for them. I had to pinch my arm:  I am really here (for the 14. time?!)
Ruth at the reseptien

Yuval - everywhere

One of my good friends at the hotel

Line, always smiling in spite many challenges
    several new renovations
    Together with friends in 2 days- some needed a smaal break