lørdag 26. september 2015


Today we have visited good friends in Bethlehem.
We had to shed a few tears when we left our good friend today. Several Christian people we talked to during the day have spoken about their fears for the future. The conflicts in Syria and also that the Muslims are more and more aggressive scares. Many people want to escape, but do not excatly know where and how. I do not think we can put us into the huge pressure they live in. We feel powerless and would ask you to pray for the Christians in Bethlehem. They really need your prayers.

It moves us speaking with the man in the Syrian church

The new testament in the language of Jesus

our good boy invited us for his wedding!! Can you beleive!!
We recommend Eli's restaurant, the best food for you to enjoy!
Next time we will meet in you and your beautiful Celina's wedding!!!

Our good friends through many, many years now!! God bless you, and your lovely family!!
from the old city of Betlehem
We are waiting for the Messiah to come for the second time. I believe it will soon happen. Here you can see the church where his birth took plase
We got friends from China and “guided” them to the church of Nativity.