mandag 28. september 2015

Mission Ashalim and Exodus North!!
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We took a bus from Jerusalem to Beer-Sheva and wanted to take a bus to Ashalim. At the bus-station there is no information and everything is written in Hebrew. We asked different bus-drivers and also people – and got different answers every time. After a long while, it dawned on us that there was no bus at all – because of the Jewish holyday.

We phoned “The white house” in Ashalim and the woman who answered said that she was just a guest – the two women who volunteered had left the house (also because of the busses). At the beginning I was shocked, because we did not know what to do, hosting the house, but after a while we had to laugh. It was too crazy. We love challenges, so here we are!!

We invited Christianne (from Jamaica) who also lost her bus to our taxi
- and took care of her as good as we could with norwegian meatballs from the fridge in "The white house"
on "duty" early this morning
The "blue book" is my life!!!!

Alv is preparing my rest in the sun
One hour was enough in the desert-sun today!

The "Blue book" shows how diligently our leader, Grethe is