lørdag 12. mars 2016

"Vacation" at Finnøy, Norway is not that bad!! :)

While we wait for the healing of our son, we try to make life as handsome as possible for our grandchildren. It helps us all to get our mind off the sad things. The kids are so positive and full of life and here comes a little of what we did in our different holiday:
Training Mip-Mip is fun
full concentration

Proud construct-boy
amazing how a dog can comfort

building cottage in the kitchen

ANARHNO MEDAFIM LERHÅL BAROTZ - we prefer eating outside
We enjoy the first day of spring - eating at the terrace. 

We often eat porridge on Saturday, a special tradition in Norway. In the old days, Norway was one of Europe's poorest countries and then the population survived by eating porridge that was made with water and flour mixed with bark from trees. We make more tasty porridge today and the kids love it, but it might not look that good??

we went to another island 
to play with other children

I am the boss :)

Building cabin in a tree together with grandfather is also very appreciated
I am ready for world championship in the kindergarten
Our granddaughter had an important role in the performance of Anny, a great success

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