søndag 25. oktober 2015

Ashalim - our last night in Ashalim for this time. We feel that the time has gone too fast! It is hard to believe we have already been here for one month!! We could have been here much longer, but our family and special our grandchildren is longing for us. 4 years old Evelyn said to me today: Now I should stay in your house as long as you have been in Israel....she is so cute!

Thanks to all the wonderful people we have met and all the good experiences you gave us! It is really a hard time for the Israeli people nowadays and we can only pray for you and try to comfort you. You are not alone although you feel like you are. Many people support you, also in Norway!!

Lots of security in Beer Sheva today

 But we feel peace and relaxed in the Exodus North garden
The first lemon this year

The garden is full of Biblical plants
This is named Louisa, like people in Israel call me because I have too difficult name

passion-flower.. The hummingbird loves them as well. There are lots of cute hummingbirds in the garden.

The garden got lots of tiny sweet flowers because of  some few raindrops.

The gardener in duty

Today was the day of preparing the olives so I went out in the garden and found all I needed of herbs. What a garden!! :) Have a look what I found:

-and what I made!!

I am so proud - my first home-made olives!!!

The last "project" was to prepare and paint the cozy chairs outside - look at Alv's fancy gloves
I had to harvest olives to take with me home tomorrow. I hope I will get them with me on the plane!