torsdag 8. oktober 2015

Ashalim and the Dead Sea
Written by my granddaughter Randi Bergitte 12 years old:
My grandfather (alf) lost his glasses on the beach 
in Tel Aviv and are trying on some glasses in the
These ones i think is similar to some old ones.

I don't think he liked this ones either. He said
that they was to crazy for him. 

Harry Potter style :P

In the end i think grandfather picked these ones :)

Later we drove to domino`s  and ate some pizza :)

And after we was finished eating pizza we drove to the dead sea.(again)
And here are a picture of grandmother and my brother Thomas.

Here  i draw in the sand on the beach :)

And the next day we didn't have the car so then
we (me and my grandfather) washed the little
swimming pool. :)

And later that day when we was finished washing. It was dark outside and a little cold
 in the water.But i jumped out ragardless.