torsdag 8. oktober 2015

Ashalim, Ein Gedi and the Mediterranean Sea

My grandaughter Randi Bergitte takes over the blog in some days now.

Now we are at the beach and ready to jump into the water.

Here are some cool art on the walls in Tel Aviv.

Here we go to the new apartment in Tel Aviv.

Life is always better at the beach ;). Here we are at the beach in Ashkelon to
 cool us down on our way to the white house in Ashalim.

Now we are in the park in Ein Gedi. but we have
 not seen so many animals yet.

Me and my grandmother goes into a small waterfall in
the park.

Here it is a large guinea pig similar animal alone near the
 waterfalls in the Ein Gedi park.

On our way down the mountains we saw some mountain goats.
Now we are going up a mountain in the park. And here it was a very nice view
over the dead sea.

After visiting the Ein Gedi park we went to the dead sea to cool us down
before driving back to the white house.

And before we went to bed. Me and my grandmother played the piano.