onsdag 14. oktober 2015

Ein Akev, Hiking the desert.
Hiking in the desert-mountains was a good idea for the last day for our grandchildren. We drove with a jip from Sde Boker  into the gorgeous oasis  Akev. Here did the kids swim and enjoy themselves. There were many others there too because someone had chosen to celebrate his Bar Mitzva there. We went on the feet back over the mountains. It was an good experience. Our excellent guide Eyal had much to teach us about plants and rocks.

We also got into a cozy Bedouin lady’s tent. She made a lovely meal for us. She was so smiling and talkative and was proud to show the Israeli flag waving over the “house” and also to tell that they supported the State of Israel and serving in the military. We learned a lot about how the Bedouins live. She has two daughters, but they do not attend school. The mother teaches them in Arabic
The jeep-driver was a real cowboy

He had a horse ranch at Sde Boker

Ein Akev is a marvelous oasis in the Negev desert

can you see the eagle?

Grete’s hat was good to borrow.

we will never forget your smile and the exotic experience you gave us!!