søndag 18. oktober 2015

Shabbat in Ashalim
We invited our good friends from Nahal Oz for Shabbat -meal. I must admit I was a bit stressed because I am afraid that I do not make Shabbat - meal as it should be. It is so completely different than a Norwegian Sunday meal. The surprise was great when everyone ate, even the kids .... It was for us a perfect evening and we enjoyed along with the wonderful children and their parents.
On Shabbat we went at a Messianic  meeting in Beer- Sheva.
of course we got a beautiful Shabbat - song.

we got lots of good help

we played a lot

 and also the charming Illay - in his own way

we had fun and

we laughed a lot

from the meeting at the Messianic Church in Beer-Sheva 

outside the church