søndag 11. oktober 2015

Nahal Oz, Ein Gedi and Sde boker
Here I am again! Randi Bergitte went home last night with his brother and father, so now I have to continue. I think she forgot to say that we were passing our good friends, family Boas and Mally and their lovely children when I had picked them up in Tel Aviv. The family lives in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. This kibbutz is located very close to Gaza. It is so close that we could hear the call to prayer from the minarets and even see cars and people in Gaza.

It was so nice to be there with our friends in theirsukka – cottage”, so we were late before we went home.

two sweet girls

and one boy full of energy

- and the beautiful "Bar Mizwa"- girl

The next day we drove to Ein Gedi and went for a long walk in the park. The Bible says that it was here David was hiding from King Saul.

The park has many cool waterfalls.

-and a stunning view towards the Dead Sea

Because of the dangerous sink holes associated with the bathing place in Ein Gedi we had to drive with a tractor to the beach.

It's hard to describe the feeling of floating in the Dead Sea.

or hiking the Dead Sea....

Thomas had wanted a kipa for a long time
We invited Bar-Mitzvah group in Nahal Oz to come here to the White House in Ashalim, but it was impossible. We were rather invited to visit them. We got really - good food that the girls had made and we had some lively hours with youngsters there. Then we did not know about the drama going on in the kibbutz not far from us where hundreds of people from Gaza had tried penetrating through the border. This we heard about on the news when we got home, but we did not see or hear anything.

our good Tehilla, the leader of the Bar Mitzva group

We noticed that it was built several new shelters since last time we were in Nahal Oz.

our "residence" some month ago

Because of the high waves in the Mediterranean it was not allowed to swim. 
Luckily we could not Hebrew, so we did not understand what he said
The guard had to yell at us several times.

On the way back we drove through Sderot, 
the town who has got most bombs from Gaza. 
The roof of the school is made like a shelter.

We are lucky to have peace in Norway and do not experience things like this.
We had some work to be done before Shabbat