torsdag 15. oktober 2015

Shifta, Ezuz, Beer Milka, Kadesh Barneah, Egypt border. Mashabei Sade, Ramat Ha Negev visitor center, Oasis, Golda Meiir Park, Rivivim 

One day I suddenly heard lots of people in the olive - garden. It said pling - pling in the pots. When I looked out, I saw many Bedouins who stood and picked the olives from the Exodus Nord’s garden. I went out and said that the olives were private so they could not come here and just pick. They stood there, laughed and smiled and picked just ahead. During an hour, they had almost picked all the olives. There were only a few left. It has repeatedly been others here who wanted to pick, so because of that we put our guests to retrieve what was left on the trees. We also got a little weeding in the olive - gardens and also in the garden around the house before we guided our guests on a trip to Ezuz and Shivta.

Everyting should shine.......needlework at night

Ready for work

Alv’s sister got permission to harvest

the garden is waiting for rain, but still beautiful

he feels like he is at home.......

we removed weeds from the garden, but got trouble knowing what was weeds and not

The bed&breakfast - house in Shivta
the owner - we have met several times

The "famos" and beautiful daughter we had red about on the Exodus North news. Naim meod leakir åter!!

Shivta is one of the classic Nabatean town on the ancient spice route

The route went from Petra to Gaza

The town was agricultural colony and also a way station for a route to the St Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert

3 churches and babtize-place

In Ezuz we can see the amazing very old rock drawings

- and also Moses with The two commandments

The tradition says that Moses and all the Israelis lived in this area during the desert journey

desert quail?

Looking into the "beer", well at Beer Milka -Milka was, the grandmother of the biblical Rebekah, the wife of Isaac  

here is a very old  and deep well with  some chutes surrounding it

Agriculture at Kadesj Barnea. Kadesj meens holy and Barnea meens wandering in the desert. Lots of important happenings took place here in Moses' life.

I lured him to steal a carrot

my stolen carrot from Kardesj Barneah

This is close to the border of Egypt

sunset at the border
a new "guest" in the garden

I just love the arts in Mashabei Sade!!

The Ramat Ha Negev Agriculture Visitor Center is close to Ashalim

Perhaps even more interesting since we come from the "tomato- island" Finnøy.

They mixed salt groundwater with clean water and needed not to add minerals

Their specialty was cherry tomatoes, but they experimented with many other strange

Some minutes from Ashalim is a beautiful spa called Oasis.

Picnic at the Golda Meir Park 

sunset at the park

The soldiers are praying before they move to Gaza border for the night.

Rivivim cactus-garden is amazing